military traffic control sets







 Between others, the sets are equipped with mobile heating and ventilation system, generator and heater with positive opinion of the Institute of Oil and Gas


  • At -30°C, in the tent we achieve +25°C
  • Certifications for furnaces for sleeping tents heating
  • Reliability, confirmed by long-term utilization
  • At +50°C, in the tent we achieve +20°C
  • Mobility
  • Reliability


  Individual design for the customer - Military Traffic Control Sets are arranged on the transportation trailer according to the needs of the customer, design and specifications.


  Mobility - Depending on the operational needs, the vehicles can be equipped with drawbar with variable hitch height in the range of minimum 700 - 1100 mm, fulfilling restrictive defense standards. Thanks to this, trailers can be used for trucks, vans and cars. All of the solutions have the appropriate European approvals.




  Training - Together with kits, we offer training on usage and maintenance of technical equipment. Training consists of two parts. Theoretical, during which we present and discuss the equipment.





 Practical, including an instructional demonstration, during which the instructor demonstrates how to properly operate and maintain the components of the kit.