About us

Here we would like to present PZM Wimet, its evolution and milestones in the continuous development. Our awards and certificates we have received you can find in the REFERENCES section.




Year 1976

In this year our company was established as a family business with headquarter in Józefów. The company has craft guild roots and traditions. Its first contracts are signed with Cegielski Eterprises in Poznań, Logistics Services of the Army and with other Polish industrial plants. Initially, the production line focuses on spare parts for ships and plastic molding injection machines (we made almost 6000 machines).

The 1980s

- Despite harsh conditions for running a business caused by the introduction of the martial law PZM Wimet manages to persist on the market. The company attracts new clients. Within the governmental “anti-import” program PZM Wimet cooperates with Polmozbyt affiliates (state-owned automotive giant) in whole Poland and manufactures spare parts for busses and trucks.
- The company officially adopts its present name – PZM Wimet. This is followed by strong commitment to the brand building policy and the emphasis on quality, punctuality and consumer satisfaction. Such determined behavior is rewarded with a significant number of new contracts, including export. PZM Wimet produces pump spare parts for Sigma Holding in Czechoslovakia and tow hooks for several partners in Austria.

The 1990s

- The dramatic political and economic transformation in early 1990s (from centrally planned to market economy) brings both, opportunities and threats for business, also in the scope of PZM Wimet. The market liberalization forces the companies to expand their offer and improve their competitiveness, on the other hand however leads to market destabilization. The latter implies several bankruptcies of many client firms and thus the withdrawals of contracts.
- Despite very instable environment and unexpected expenditures PZM Wimet continues to develop. Being on the grounds of new economic reality it receives many rewards such as “Fair Play Enterprise”, “The Leader of Entrepreneurship”, “Teraz Polska” nomination, “The Reliable Partner”, etc.
- The company invests in the infrastructure of the office, the production line and enhances the comfort of clients (new parking places and general expansion of the headquarters). The purchase of new machines, the adoption and implementation of new technological solutions are all cornerstone for the introduction of Quality Management System. The offer has been expanded by automotive spare parts production and distribution.
- The company volunteers to be audited by the environment protection body and obtains first class status in the field of being an environment friendly enterprise.

The 2000s

- The PZM Wimet – Center for Automotive Production, Services and Delivery arises. Road signs, information boards and complex parking accessories are the newly added products in the offer.
- The company obtains the Certificate of Quality Standards according to ISO 9002, 1994 (with the appointment by the German Accreditation Council DAR) and subdivides separate unit responsible for the Policy of Quality. The audit conducted by Veritas Quality International approves the standards adopted by the company.
Remaining in compliance with the requirements enables PZM Wimet to receive several fund donations from the EU and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Poland for the development and quality improving purposes.
- In the same time the special manufacturing line has been launched for the Ministry of National Defense of the Republic of Poland and the Uniformed Services.
- In 2002 the President of the Republic of Poland awards PZM Wimet with the "The Best Small Polish Company" prize – recognized as the most prestigious reward in Poland.
- The company succeeds in being in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 and receives the Cerificate of Quality Standard.
- The team implements the quality management standards and procedures required by NATO – AQAP (Allied Quality Assurance Publication). This is to comply with the NATO standardization policy on the supplies to the Army (NATO – AQAP is a patch for ISO 9000).
- PZM Wimet adopts new strategies which would be efficient in the light of the New Millennium, the emergency of modern technologies and the importance of direct marketing premises. The goal is to refresh the company image and prepare for the functioning in the integrated European market.