Our offer

For the comfort of our customers we divided out offer into several groups.

Catalogue automotive spare parts
(for buses, trucks, delivery vans, cars as well as other motor vehicles)

Road signs

Traffic safety devices
·         speed bumps,
·         safety islands,
·         road separators,
·         road cones,
·         safety mirrors,
·         temporary road marking and signing devices (road barriers, roadblock signs, road posts),
·         traffic light signals (lamps, light shields, car lights)
·         vests,
·         horizontal marking paint,
·         suitcase sets,
·         thermosigns (thermoplastics applied for horizontal marking of roadways)
Car parks and secured zones equipment
·         accessories for parking zones and garages,
·         car park blockings and barriers,
·         roadblocks
City information systems (road information signs)

Municipal architecture
(city road posts, fences, park benches, bicycle stands, etc.)

Non-standard services in the range of professional logistics and delivery for the uniformed services

For more detailed enquiries we kindly ask you to contact us directly via telephone or e-mail We would like to assure you that each request will be satisfied with no hesitation and the catalogued offer will be send immediately to the recipient’s address.

Special offers
·         discounts for long-standing customers,
·         free shipping,
·         quality assurance! certificates and licenses!
We are ready to help you from Monday to Friday within the hours: 7am-4pm.